Is there have demo with Mobile

Yes The demo site url is:
you can access with your mobile Devices.

How To Install ?

Just unzip the mobile folder and upload the folder under you osCommerce site and then you can access your mobile site with http://www.your***

May i customization the code and modify myself

Yes, the code is unencrypted. You can modify the code your self, but only can be used by yourself. Release and provide the code download is not allow.

How to add a new page

We have put a default template structure file under the folder, named "user_page.php". this file load all osCommerce core and jquery mobile Framework. you can add your content under data-role="content".

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

If your site is osc2.3x, We have compatible default header tag module with mobile site. the title will auto same as your full site. if your site have installed other header tag modules you need to modify your self or Contact us

How to compatible with Ultimate Seo Urls

I you have installed Ultimate Seo Urls on your osCommerce site. All address have rewrite by the .htaccess file. and mobile site will redirect to your full site. So you need to copy the .htaccess file on your store to the mobile folder and eidt & change the RewriteBase to /mobile/. swith off the "automatic redirects" if your page redirects.

How to customization the template?

Our system is base on jQuery Mobile. if you want to modification the theme can reference or Contact us.

Useful code you may need.

A uncompleted checkout with osCommerce mobile site maybe cause some warning in osCommerce admin.
to fix it Read here