osCommerce Compatible

  • Compatible with 2.2.x, 2.3.x and CreLoad system.
  • Multiple languages, multiple Currencies support and easy switch. Multiple images also support.
  • Compatible your standard shipping and payment module set as your store.
  • Full osCommerce Function such as Customer, Order, Account, Contact etc.

Mobile Devices Compatible

Base on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile Framework. Friendly Interface For Mobile Devices and fast loading pages. Compatible all popular Mobile Devices. Adaptive smartphone and tablet screen.
jQuery Mobile Compatible

Easy Install, Zero Configration.

Only simply use ftp upload the unzip folder under your osCommerce site. No any file need to change or configration.
Then you can access your mobile site with:

Checkout Step Optimized

We have Optimized the Checkout step Friendly For Mobile Devices. Easy Rigister and Fast Checkout step. New Form Validation, Ajax Get Shipping and payment option. Check out only in one page. View osCommerce Mobile Demo